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I don't know what I'm doing????

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R1vlcd30 start 222.5 lost total -21.5... I must mentioned 204 has been a stall for me through out the VLCD. My lwd was 202.6 but prior to this last weight I continued to go up and down every other day 204 to 202.
Day 29 202.6 no HCG these days
Day30 204.0
Day 31 201.0
Day 32 202.6
Day 33 202.4
Day 34 205.2

So what weight do I use to stabilize within 2 lbs?
When I first started stabilizing I notice a lost but it seems before I got to 202 I continue to stay in the 204. The great release allowed me to see 202 but this was the up and down time..

Iveworked out twice this week for one hour cross fit very hard work out. I've always worked out except VLCD ot was too hard for me.

Should knave consumed 1500 phase 3or gradually get to 1500? some days I feel sick and can't consume alll thaws calories...is working out effecting my actually weight because I'm lifting weights. Also all of my jeans are too big so I know I'm not gaining.
I've added egg whites, cheese, mixed nuts at least 3 apples and steak days help me release. I was hoping to see
199 this round but I didn't make it (( someone please tell me I'm I with in my 2lbs? I dot k ow which number to use. If I use the my weight for the last day I took HCG it's 204.0 I'm now 205.2. But what explains the the lost to
201.0. Help!!!!,!,

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