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Tom is slowing me down!

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I'm at vlcd16 only -14.1 this.Tom is slowing me down. I usaually gain around thus time of the month so I guest I shouldn't complain. Weird though last went this same time I was stalled. Is thus something that happen around the same time weekly or should I count it a coincidence that my TOM so happening to come at the same time I stall last week. So I haven't gained any weight which is great but I miss the early morning lost. I'm fittingin those jeans I couldnt wear a year ago. So someone?????? Help.

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  1. New34's Avatar
    Ok I woke up yesterday after doing a apple day and drop -1.9 after 4 days. Not to mention TOM is here no release but ni GAIN. I'm normally up at least 7 to 9 lbs. So the foods you eat do play a part in my weigh gain during TOM. WOW so I'm at VLCD 19 Dwn 16lb real true pounds. I feel it everyone is seeing it. I'm behind a few days but I'm hoping because of Tom the release will come later!! I will be in the gym everydY this week!
  2. New34's Avatar
    Ok TOM is still here and I released another 1.8. Wow around 4 lbs release while on Tom. P2 VLCD 20 -17.9. I'm very excited.