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Hello everyone. I'm down 12lbs even.R1VLCD7. I FEEL WAY BETTER THAN LAST WEEK. I worked out two days this week. I must be honest work out days I'm a little hungry. But love working out soo much i don't want to give it up. I work out at 6 am and since I'm use to it don't want to break routine. I havnt seen 210 in at least 7years. I actually see a difference in my clothes already. My face is changing the most ive seen dramatically is my back wow it has gone down so much. My goal is to be under 200. Looks like I will be there next week sometime. I ideally want to be at 190 but 185 will give me some room! Im excited everyday to jump on the scale where as I use to run from the scale.

Happy me!

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