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I havent been blogging for a while --- had some challenges; personally, professionally and most recently from mother nature!!!! But its time to finish this up! Taking HCG, and the incredible results, can become the end instead of the means to an end... seeing that scale go down is addcitive. But I have to get into a new mindset... i have to accept the weight I am NOW and understand how to keep the weight loss I have already attained. Maybe its not as motivating at first, but I can find a new way to be and make that the new GOAL --- good health and weight MAINTENANCE.

Heard about Garcinia Cambogia Extract on Dr Oz. Although I think he is supplement happy... I do check out what is recommended to see whats up...No side effects and is reported to cut appetite, block fattening carbs & decrease cravings --- all good!

Turns out this is sold under the name of Citrimax and has Chrimium Pic in it too -- a bonus. I used to take this stuff many years ago! It was 16 bucks for 100 caps in VItamin Shoppe in case you are interested in giving it a shot. UPDATE: Took a dose last night and NO HUNGER !!!! This was incredible to me as that is the time of day when I have the most trouble no matter the dinner just eaten... but there it was ...complete satiety! I believe the night hunger is a combo of low Seratonin and a drop in Blood Sugar! This may be providing the last piece of the puzzle so I may walk forward with confidence!!!

Here is some info, in case you are interested:

Citrimax is a weight loss supplement that aims to help people with quick weight loss. The primary ingredient of Citrimax is hydroxycitric acid, which is extracted from the rind of a South Asian fruit called garcinia cambogia. Hydroxycitric acid is a common ingredient in many different nutritional supplements, particularly those for weight loss. There are various benefits that are often associated with Citrimax use.
One of the benefits associated with Citrimax is the obstruction of carbohydrates. People who follow low-carb diets often use Citrimax due to the fact that the supplement contains hydroxycitric acid, which can stop carbohydrates from converting into fat by prevention the actions of an enzyme which is called ATP citrate lyase.
Apart from simply blocking the fattening effects of carbohydrates, hydroxycitric acid also can work to suppress the appetite and decrease cravings for food, which can result in weight loss.
Central Nervous System
Citrimax is often hailed as a safe dietary supplement for weight loss due to the fact that its primary ingredient (hydroxycitric acid) does not cause stimulation to the central nervous system (CNS) in any manner. Many other weight loss supplements do stimulate the CNS, which can lead to unpleasant side effects such as nervousness and anxiety . Taking Citrimax is believed to be a way to avoid experiencing those effects.
How Does Chromium Picolinate Help Weight Loss?
Chromium is a vital trace mineral that helps insulin to be more resourceful within the body, and it is believed by many that chromium supplements aid in weight loss and better body composition. Chromium supplementation assists in glucose (sugars and carbohydrates) being transmitted into muscle cells instead of being transmitted into fat cells. Weight gain is the result when chromium is transmitted into fat cells. Taking chromium aids in the transmittal of carbohydrates and sugars into the muscle cells; however, it does not give a person a license to overeat foods that are high in sugars and carbohydrates. In addition to taking chromium supplements, there are foods that are high in chromium content, such as brewer's yeast or cinnamon. There are two forms of chromium which consist of chromium picolinate and chromium polynicotinate. Chromium picolinate is the most common form taken by many to aid in weight loss and improved body composition.
Clinical Research Done on Chromium Picolinate
A clinical research study that was reported in an issue of Current Therapeutic Research, showed that chromium picolinate supplementation is a significant resource for improving body structure and composition. Body composition depends upon the volume of fatty tissue within the body opposed to the ratio of fat-free mass. The research data plainly showed that chromium supplementation could definitely result in fat/weight loss and a considerable improvement in the composition of the body. In another clinical study of the affects of chromium picolinate usage, 122 fairly obese individuals who supplemented with chromium picolinate, lost approximately 6.2 pounds of body fat. The individuals who did not supplement with chromium picolinate and took a placebo instead, lost approximately 3.4 pounds. According to Gilbert Kaats, PhD and head investigator of the clinical studies, from the Health and Medical Research Foundation, he suggests that supplementing with chromium picolinate will aid in fat loss, mainly in individuals who may not be as determined in making lifestyle changes that include changes such as changing their diets by reducing their caloric intake and getting more exercise in their daily routine.

Im still looking for that magic pill!!! (Consult your doctor before taking esp if you are taking other medication!) Good Luck!

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