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HCG No More!!!

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I am so grateful to have learned about HCG and this forum. Learning the protocol and about how my body reacts to it has been a bumpy but rewarding ride. It has been about a year since I began R1. Since then I have been able to drop about 65 lbs. which has had huge health benefits. It has not been easy... I wont say that it was! But all the tools and support are here and so I have never felt alone or adrift. I am only a few lbs from my goal and I will stop now to give my body a much needed rest while I figure out how to keep the loss AND the good health.

I just finished up R4! My last round was almost a wash, gaining much of the lost weight back ... I had to jump into R4 as quickly as I could just to get things back on track! Why did this happen? I have some inkling but not totally certain. I began R3 when the FDA was cracking down and I could not get Sublingual RX so I bought a homeopathic brand. I know they work incredibly well for most people but for me, I was hungry a lot and I guess my body was just used to a more potent dosage. I switched to RX mid round and lost a good amount but it didnt stay off and I was craving all sorts of food especially fat and sugar as soon as I stopped the drops. I gained almost all of it back. I have just completed R4P2 and will jump into P3 on Sunday. I believe my body is ready now. I dont feel all the crazy compulsions to eat like I did at the end of R3 so something is different! Thank You, GOD! For me, the 72 hours of transition seem to be the most difficult.

I will really need to be diligent bc I am a snacker; I get urges to eat at night. I know that is my blood sugar and low dopamine/seratonin. I am reading about how to address this with the right foods and supplements. In the meantime, wish me luck! I will continue to blog my experience so I can hold myself accountable. Maybe some of you will have some words of encouragement and some tips and knowledge to share. Fingers crossed!

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Updated November 20th, 2012 at 08:27 PM by Newjulie



  1. AKA180's Avatar
    Good luck to you! 65 pound loss is something to be proud of. I am new to this forum, and to HCG, but I have read that people use Chocolate Delight to snack on, and still lose. Maybe that will work for you. I am thinking of trying it. I have 14 days left on P2.
  2. Newjulie's Avatar
    Hiya AKA!!! Thanks for the encouragement! I am trying the cocoa crack recipes --- thanks for the suggestion. I started testing it in P2 bc I cld not tolerate it in P3 of my last round. I thought i could get my body used to it and it worked. So far so good... Good Luck and have a great Thanksgiving!