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R3 D4 Down .8! A Game Changer!

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Today I am celebrating my independence from dieting! HCG has given me the freedom to achieve a healthy lifestyle. The only thing that could make this sweeter is to find a time machine so I can go back to my teen years to start taking it!!! ehh...maybe in the next 10 years!

Shed another .8 yesterday. This is doubly fantastic since I thought that being home would equal less movement and less loss but... so far, so good! I am only looking forward at where I wish to go....eyes on the prize!

I found a jar sauce that I can eat and still lose...Victoria low sodium tomato basil! Yummy! It on ly has a cpl all natural ingredients. Any I've tried in the past did not work for me....probably the sodium.

This is a real game changer for me since I can use this to make stews, chilis & soups. Yesterday I mixed it w riced cauliflower and grilled chunks of tilapia...gosh that was good. Looking forward to getting more today.

Happy 4th!

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  1. marvless's Avatar
    Yay Julie! I'm so happy for your newfound freedom!
  2. Newjulie's Avatar
    Thanks Maria! Have a great day! I know you are going to enjoy P3 today!
  3. redefiningme's Avatar
    Hooray! Indeed, it is a day of INDEPENDENCE from FOOD!!!
  4. Perseverance's Avatar
    Hip hip horray! We are free! What a gift we have been given!
  5. Newjulie's Avatar
    Thanks You Guys!!!! Happy 4th! Hope you enjoy the day and some festivities. I am going to my brothers and bringing my food with me! Its the best way for me to go! XOXO