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Round 4???? Oh Lord...

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I have been in the midst of R3 for some time. I started with homeopathic drops and had a spectacular load and less than spectacular results for 4 weeks (-15 gross and -9 net).

I did a planned Interruption of 2 weeks and now on my third week with RX. I definitely feel better in terms of hunger. But since I am not working, the lack of activity has slowed my losses. I am still exercising but of course, i am leary of stepping that up too much as it is not recommended so here I sit in this catch 22!

Right now, I am abot 18 lbs from goal and probably have about 2 weeks of RX drops left. Not gonna happen! So I am facing the harsh reality of possibly doing another round. I guess thats not the worse that could happen... I am definitely droppping inches... lots of great clothes are fitting that have been sitting in my closet for the last 10 years!!! So I can regroup and think about how to approach this and do that work. At the end of the day, thats what this is all about --- doing the work. No one can do this for me.

But i cant do it without all the great support from all of you lovely and knowledgeable people. So time to hunker down and get to business.

I did have a small victory this morning... i was able to zip up a sz 13 junior pair of printed jeans that i couldnt even get up my leg last month so --- YEAH!!!

Hello, my name is Julie and I am addicted to teenage clothing... hehehe. Have a great day, everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Updated July 20th, 2012 at 07:45 PM by Newjulie



  1. Perseverance's Avatar
    Hi Julie, read your other post too and it seems like you are making great strides and releasing in all areas of your life. Way to go! As far as another round goes I hope you take a couple month break. I am suggesting this as your friend. I know you want this to be over but we have to learn to take care of our bodies. Just sayin. Leaving for home today air gods permitting and will PM you when I get home. You are doing great. Keep on keeping on!
  2. Newjulie's Avatar
    Thanks P! Good to hear from you. Thanks for the advice. I havent made up my mind either way...just trying to stay real and wrap my head around things. I have a couple of compelling reasons to move to a R4 that I wont go into now but it is definitely a consideration.

    I have been doing the Total Gym to target my upper arms and inner thighs and it really seems to be helping my arms --- thankfully. I am also continuing to dry brush. Sadly, my thighs may need some surgical help but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

    Have a safe trip home. Take care and hope you are doing well!!!!
  3. livingnewlife's Avatar
    I know myself I will be doing at least 3 rounds. It just depends on much I lose each round and how many actually. but keep up the good work. You are doing awesome. My goal is to lose the weight and be toned enough to wear a bikini...yup I said it BIKINI!!!!! Even when I was in my teens I never wore one. I guess maybe that is why I wanna wear one now...lol
  4. Newjulie's Avatar
    Hey Living!!! Thanks for that! A Bikini, huh? Thats a fabulous goal. Cant wait to celebrate that victory with you.
    Have a great weekend!