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VLCD One Week Results!!

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I have gone a full week on the VLCD HCG drops. On my 3rd day my husband and I went Christmas shopping in another city, so I knew I was going to have to eat out. We went to Olive Garden and I had the Mediterranean chicken over cherry tomatoes, spinach and noodles. I ate ONLY 1/2 the chicken and spinach and NO noodles. I then had the other half of chicken and spinach NO noodles for dinner. I cheated by the oil and seasoning, but I had to eat and I only lost .4 that day. I have not cheated since. So here are my results!
Starting weight: 188.4
Gorge Day 1: 186.0 (I don't know how I lost from the day before!)
Gorge Day 2: 186.4
VLCD 1: 185.0
VLCD 2 181.8
VLCD 3 181.4
VLCD 4 180.4
VLCD 5 179.8
VLCD 6 179.0
VLCD 7 178.0 (Today 12-8-11)

I have lost 6.5 inches all over my body 2" in my "problem area" a.k.a my hips!! I have lost 10.4 pounds total in ONE WEEK! Yahooo!
How's everyone else doing?

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  1. Ryann's Avatar
    GREAT RESULTS! Great work! You lose the most the first week, so one day that 0.4 loss will feel like a lot! Just remember on the days you don't lose pounds, you are losing inches!

    What is your goal weight for this round?
  2. NewLeaf's Avatar
    Thanks! I lost .2 yesterday - it is discouraging, but I keep telling myself it's better than a gain or stall! My goal weight going into this was 175, but now that I am at 177.8 I want to try for 165....ish. I have finally hit a "healthy" bmi and am out of the 80's and that was my main goal.
    I am so nervous for tonight, we have our work Christmas party. I have not cheated except that once. I have pulled the menu off line and am going to order the Chicken Rotini and not have the noodles. I'm scared to drink, but want to, I know drinking is off the protocol......but, I'm going to do it. Wish me luck!
    Is this your first time? What is your goal?
  3. Ryann's Avatar
    Yes, I remember a time when I was disappointed with 0.2, but now I'm in a pattern of stalling for several days, then lose a pound, then stall for a few days, then a pound. I'm trying very hard to remain patient. Thank goodness for compliments because that's a huge motiviator when your losses slow down this much!

    I'm on VLCD 40 (I'm going to do 45 which is rogue). I've lost 19 pounds, but I still have 5-7 to get to my ideal goal of 135-137. Based on how much my losses have slowed down, it is unlikely that I will get there. I may cycle to lose the last 5 or so pounds.

    I did HCG a year ago and lost 17 lbs in a 23 day round. Much better losses, but I was heavier. Unfortunately, I got cocky in P3 and basically just quit doing it and then started eating like I had been so I gained back about 7 lbs of it. Let my mistake have a positive influence on you when you get to P3--I know I definitely will do it right this time and not get lazy if my weight is stablized in the first week!

    What about you? Have you done this diet before? Also, are you exercising or doing any walking?