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Day 20 vlcd

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Well, this is honestly the best diet program I have ever been on. After 19 days vlcd I have lost 18.2lbs. I can't believe it! I think the great part about this is that there is science to it. I have always hated tracking my WW points or writing everything down in my journal - it's all too familiar. This is so different. I can't wait to get on that scale every morning just to "see". I also check the forum about 20 times a day (on my iPhone). Its sort of like carrying my own motivators with me.

I have a quick two day trip coming up tomorrow - I have planned to take my injection later in the day before my flight, then use Friday as my skip day and do my injection late Sat night when I arrive back home. BUT I am meeting a good friend and she is already talking Pizza/Italian for restaurants! I guess I will tell her... cause I don't want to deal with either of those two.

The only other thing I am trying to do is figure out how to bring food along that will work for me. I bought some fruit and veggies to cut up but will need some sort of protein too. I do have a protein shake powder that I think I will bring to mix in coffee if I have to. I am bound and determined to stick to this while gone!!

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