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I hit the ONE HUNDREDS today!!

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So happy this morning! I finally made it into the 100's. This was my first goal. The next is to get to 185 so I will no longer be "obese" but just "overweight". lol...

The return from my trip was interesting and I do think tinkering with protocol slowed my losses this past week. I still saw losses pretty much daily with one day of no loss but they were smaller losses than previous weeks. So lesson here is to do the absolute best I can and plan, plan, plan. I just need to know that if I do go off protocol, I will lose a bit slower and I guess that's ok too. What I don't want to have happen is that awful mental sludge where I feel like giving up and going back to my old (very unhealthy) eating patterns.

I knew yesterday would be challenging to stay on track so I practiced planning as I was on the road all day and didn't get home until 11:30pm. I packed an insulated lunch sack with cut cup cucumbers, apple, and my chicken and carried it with me. I was a bit ravenous about 5pm and ate the cukes/chicken then and expected to be ravenous later, but wasn't so while on a ferry ride at 11pm, ate the apple. Had hot tea when I got home and off to bed with no problems!

This will be a bit harder to do on the upcoming trip (chaperoning a bunch of teens for 3 days in a hotel) but I will try come up with a plan for this. Any idea? feel free to comment

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  1. khowler's Avatar
    Congrats on getting to 1derland! I look forward to that myself, but I still need to lose 63 more pounds for that to happen.