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P3 Update

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Well, so far so good on P3. I was a bit worried about this as are a lot of us due to regaining lost weight time and time again. I have been pleasantly surprised however!

LIW = 183.8, current weight 181.2
A few things about P3 for me:

I actually have been eating Fage Greek Yogurt from the beginning (per clinic) so no problem with dairy. I of course tried cheese right away and again no problems at all. I have had avocados (eating an entire small one one day) and actually seem to lose when I eat those. I have had garlic stuffed green olives as well as black olives. I use butter with olive oil (sparingly though) - it is amazing how much less butter you need when not eating bread. I use cream in my coffee and have had 3 days of - brace yourselves - Macadamia nuts (still either held steady or lost). Also enjoying my red wine every few days.

I did have one hiccup and boy - learned my lesson. We decided to bring a "picnic" to a friends house. This included many P3 friendly foods but also a strawberry/whipped cream bar cake. I decided to "test" my P3ness and have a SLIVER - literally a sliver. Up 2lbs the next day!!! Yikes! So back to eating clean the day after and off the weight came. I think I may have found my culprit as I LOVE sugar and baked goods. So, I now know that when I eat those things - I WILL GAIN WEIGHT - even on very small amounts Well, that's most likely got me here (or there) in the first place. So, overall a very successful P3 so far and enjoying it but already looking forward to starting R2 the end of April

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  1. Carmelinagunn's Avatar
    We're are in very similar boats, NewMe! I'm right around 184 and in P3 and doing pretty well adding everything back in. I'm also WAY anxious for my next P2 to get me down some more. Taking a break in the middle of getting to your goal weight is tough, but I understand why it's necessary. I'm just gald to read about someone else on the same track as I am Congrats on the journey so far!