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P4 Update

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I am shocked and amazed.... I have NEVER been able to maintain my weight on any diet plan - never mind eating 1500 -2000 calories daily. The secret???? Limiting the starch and sugars in my diet. By limiting - I'm talking just picking one or two servings per day to have and filling the rest with healthy fat, protein, veggies (and a tad of fruit). I actually eat a lot of healthy fats. An afternoon snack most days is either an whole small avocado or 20 almonds with mozzarella cheese and grape tomatoes (a favorite!!). I eat whole fat or 2% Fage on a daily basis as well. Dinners include steak, chicken and fish - very little bread, potatoes, pasta but do have my red wine. I just returned from a 3 days vacation (Reno) and was down 1/2lb!!! (1.4 below LIW now). I finally feel like I will be able to maintain my weight at goal with no problem. Thank heavens I found this program as it has taught me a whole new way to look at food.

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