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STUCK for 9 days!

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Grrrrrr......this is what I have been dreading. A horrible stall. It is at the tail end of my round (although, I just opened a new 5000iu vial so I'm doing a 60 day round). BUT this stall is killing me! In 9 days I have fluctuated up and down by 1/2lb. Getting ridiculous. The only saving grace is that I have read about so many of you here on the forum that have had stalls along the way and you all just keep going. I was thinking that maybe my second vial wasn't working but I have no hunger to speak of so I'm guessing it is just a plain old stall. I am now within a couple lbs of where I've been at over the past 10 years so in reading P&I, Dr S speaks of having to break through that set point - could definitely be that as well. I am determined not to give up! I just keep thinking of those people on the show survivor and no matter how fat they were, they always lost weight eventually! I will have to start researching how to break a stall in P2....

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  1. believe_it's Avatar
    Stay strong and hit up the "STALLS" thread. Remember, you are still losing inches and your body needs time to catch up!
  2. Dubbles's Avatar
    But I so sympathasize with u. It's the pits, isn't it. Someone responded to my blog and said stress messes with cortisol levels in the body, and can therefore inhibit weight loss. Dang, how can this NOT be a little stressful? Good for u deciding to hang in there, don't know if I'm going to make that 50 day cycle or not. Happy Valentines Day (minus the chocolates, sigh)
  3. Grammie50's Avatar
    Hang in there! I had a 3 day stall, then a 1.2 loss now a .4 gain. I am new to this but from everything I read during my 3 day stall you are doing the right thing by hanging in there. Good luck and stay the course!