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P3 day 2

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Okay so this morning I woke up .8 ove LIW. It is really bugging me. My stomach is upset and I know I need to have a BM. Tried the whole salt water thing and it almost killed me. It also did not work for crap...no pun intended. I have never gone up on my first day of p3 so I am kind of wierded out by it. Is this going to be another round where I fight to hang on to my weight. UGH!!!!

so here is what I ate

2 hard boiled eggs-ate eggs in p2 no problems
tuna fish with homemade mayo-olive oil, eggs, and acv
chicken, califlower, green beans w/butter
coffe with cream-kind of made my stomach hurt
apple with cinna. on it
6 mini bell peppers
and WAY to many sf grummy bears

so I guess we will see what today brings. I was going to try dairy but Im already up so Im not sure that is the best idea

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