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R1/p2 - ldw 297 what 2 do???

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Yesterday was my last drop of hHCG (about a smidgeon left <.75ml). I've finished 2 hHCG bottles and feel this is a good point to start P3. I've released 30 pounds which is good. I will probably drop a couple more (kindof bloated as I post - still badly retaining fluid) which is so typical. I purchased HUCOG rxHCG and plan to switch from hHCG drops to rxHCG injections. I still nd 2 decide how my R1/P3 should last. I was thinking about 2 weeks. I know P&I says 3wks P3 then 3wks P4. However, I read with hHCG it could be abbreviated. Is that true? I just learned what cycling means and may consider it. I don't know. But would appreciate any suggestions or info from my fellow HCGers. Thanks..

BTW: Tryin 2 release as much as possible b4 July 4.

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Updated January 1st, 2012 at 11:17 AM by nIt2Win



  1. tryn2getfit's Avatar
    I just finished my first round of hcg and started P3 on the 29th, so I am def not an expert on any of this and don't know anything about Hhcg. I think I would spend atleast 2 weeks in P3 to make sure you stabilize your weight before moving on to R2. I read your reply in my last blog, I am considering doing a short round when I start R2 in Feb and I have decided to just see how things work out in the first couple of weeks of it before I decide to go short or long. Or maybe just do 30 days because so many say that is the critical number of days for the best stabilization. I read about cycling and they don't recommend that until you have done atleast one complete round. If you are trying to lose as much as you can by the 4th of July, do you really want to risk it by experimenting with paths unknown? You and I weren't too far apart in our weights and starting dates and I estimated that I needed to do 3 rounds to put me within 20lbs of my goal by July if I lost the same in the next two rounds that I did in this one. And I am hoping that the other 20 or so will just disappear in the P4's of each round. Lol. So you should be at a pretty good weight by July 4th sticking to protocol. You have time for 2 full rounds between now and then so maybe another 60 lbs or more lost by then.
  2. nIt2Win's Avatar
    Thx again my friend!! You're right, I don't want to sabotage my efforts. I've got 2 find the info I read about hHCG and shorter P3s and no P4s when there is a lot of weight 2 b lost. Ok, if you do 30 days stabilization will you split it between P3 and P4?
  3. jenncan's Avatar
    My thoughts are you will do much better in the next rounds if you do a longer p3. I also jumped back to early because I was so eager to lose more weight but it really does backfire. I waited the next round the right amount of time (a little more) and lost MUCH better. good luck with what you choose. you've done so well so far!