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Am I Being Scammed??

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I am on R1; P2, Day 12: so far I've only lost 4.4 pounds!

I have been eating clean, I have not cheated at all (seriously not kidding). When I first started I was flavoring water with Crystal Light (fixed that at Day 7), accidently ate pork once. I did stop eating the vegetable after Day 9, (I can't stand anything but the cucumbers on the list and I wanted to gag trying to eat those). I am eating the 3.5 oz of approved protein (x2), apples (x2), Melba Rounds (x2). I'm not mixing the meats and/or fruits and drinking a minimum of 2qts water, plus Green Tea sweetned with Stevia.

I started my HCG at a Diet Clinic, they won't tell me the brand (said it was RX grade American PP??), so I'm not sure what I'm on. I'm not sure what dosage I'm on, he said he gives anywhere from 125iu to 175iu, but then they give me the syringes pre-mixed [one needle was bent] and didn't tell me what dosage they were. I chalk it up to my ignorance of this whole process and since browsing around this site have become more knowledge empowered. I go back tomorrow and plan to ask many questions.

1) I think it's within my rights to know exactly what it is they are giving me
2) The dose
3) how they are mixing the hcg
4) why my syrnges are tinged pink, what else is in there

According to what most are reporting, my weight loss should be much more than this and I'm frustrated. I also went to Walgreen's yesterday to test what was in the syringes, but unfortunately I got a faulty kit (just wouldn't you know it). So my attempts to test if the stuff was genuine failed miserably!!!

DAY 1: 144.1
DAY 5: 143.1
DAY 6: 142.2
DAY 7: 141.8
DAY 8: 142.3
DAY 9: 140.6
DAY 10: 140.1
DAY 11: 140.2
DAY 12: 139.7 (4.4 loss so far)

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  1. CrittleBug's Avatar
    Well I don't know what kind your taking or anything like that, but you should be loosing more weight than that. I lost 17 lbs. in 11 days when I first started and I'm doing homeopathic hcg drops. But I do know that your not supposed to be eating apple's and melba toast. Your supposed to have one or the other, so maybe that's what it is. I would be asking all those questions though. You should be getting the best quality being that it's prescribed. But if something happens and you want to change to the drops I know for sure that the one's I'm taking work really well. They lady, Toni, gives you a lot of support and she mails them out really fast. I got mine in 3 days. So if you want to check out the web site it's starvalleyholistichealth.com
  2. nix's Avatar
    No apples?? Below is the approved list I was given and it says apples and the melba toast. Now I'm more confused than ever.

    Tea or coffee in any quantity without sugar. Only one tablespoonful of milk allowed in 24 hours. Saccharin or Stevia may be used.

    1. 100 grams of veal, beef, chicken breast, fresh white fish, lobster, crab, or shrimp. All visible fat must be carefully removed before cooking, and the meat must be weighed raw. It must be boiled or grilled without additional fat. Salmon, eel, tuna, herring, dried or pickled fish are not allowed. The chicken breast must be removed from the bird.

    2. One type of vegetable only to be chosen from the following: spinach, chard, chicory, beet-greens, green salad, tomatoes, celery, fennel, onions, red radishes, cucumbers, asparagus, cabbage.

    3. One breadstick (grissino) or one Melba toast.

    4. An apple, orange, or a handful of strawberries or one-half grapefruit.

    Dinner :
    The same four choices as lunch (above.)
  3. MaryContrary's Avatar
    Nix, I didn't think it was the apple/melba so much as no veggies. try and add some veggies as they are important.
    As I read this, my first thought was that you don't have too much to lose, so it might take you longer... ya know? I started at 255 lbs and in my first 22 days I have only lost 13.8! (homeo drops--no syringes for me!) so I'd say you're doing great!
  4. lawgal's Avatar
    The apples are fine but you'd be better off dropping the melba (unnecessary carbs and no nutritional value at all) and adding atleast one vegetable. If you can't stomach the ones on the list, check out the low carb/ low starch vegetable list and see if there's one you like, like maybe broccoli. It's not on protocol, but it's better than nothing (and I have never had a problem with it or any other low carb/starch veggie). And for a day or two, try just one serving of fruit per day to see if that helps bump it up a bit to get you going and then add the second one back in if you choose.
  5. nix's Avatar
    Thanks guys:

    Ok, I will drop the Melba toast, drop one of the apples, and force myself to eat the veggie, I'll try steamed broccoli (back to the grocery store I go).

    While I do only have 30 pounds to lose, I have read about everyone's massive success stories and thought mine seemed pitiful. I have made every effort to eat clean and drink all my fluids, I would have thought I would have lost more than 4.4 by now.

    As a side note: I've had a metallic taste in my mouth and just googled it and it's saying that's a common 1st trimester pregnancy symptom. I'm not pregnant, so I guess this means the HCG is real.
    Updated July 25th, 2011 at 11:18 AM by nix
  6. julief's Avatar
    The pink tinge might be B12 not positive, and I agree drop one apple and a melba..If you are hungry add 4-5 strawberries..They have less sugar than an apple. I would definately ask them what they are giving you and how much!
    Are you hungry on it?
  7. nix's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by julief
    The pink tinge might be B12 not positive, and I agree drop one apple and a melba..If you are hungry add 4-5 strawberries..They have less sugar than an apple. I would definately ask them what they are giving you and how much!
    Are you hungry on it?
    OK so it's official, today I dropped one apple (I'll pick up orange tomorrow, I can eat that as the 2nd fruit) and one Melba toast, and added cucumber raw. I had lobster for supper, cooked in water with two garlic cloves smashed all over it. Pretty much one claw is 3.5 oz.

    Tomorrow @ 5:30 P, I go back to the clinic and now that I am 'smarter,' thanks to you guys! I'll ask all the questions I should have asked in the interview. I will pick up 14-prefilled syringes and two B-12 syringes. Hopefully the next two weeks will go better.

    Oh for the hunger question, I'm not sure if I'm hungry, or do I just want to eat a big bowl of chicken fettichuni?? I have managed very well, no diet pills, so I guess I could tentatively say the hunger is manageable.

    You guys are awesome, I have blunder along the way and there are so many great unselfish people in here that don't mind assisting. THANK YOU!!

    Note: I repost back the results of my visit tomorrow.
    Updated July 25th, 2011 at 07:09 PM by nix
  8. nix's Avatar
    I wanted to keep my whole blog in the same place so I'm pasting them into here!

    Plans to Lose 30-pounds (1st timer)
    Message originally posted by nix on July 18th, 2011 at 02:33 PM

    I started my HCG on Thursday, JUL 14th, getting injections from a local doctor; he also gave me a shot of B-12. I take the shots in the AM @ 7:00 A and will repeat the B-12 on Thursday, JUL 21. I will find out tomorrow what brand HCG he is using, and the dose I am on --forgot to ask while I was there.

    Day 1 & 2: Were loading days, it was really hard to eat all that food and frankly scared me to death. I was having a hard time grasping the concept of consuming so much food, when my natural instinct is to NOT EAT. I want to do this right, so I did it.

    Day 3: I started the 500 calorie diet and was really surprised to find I wasn't starving like I thought I would be (didn't needed the diet pills). For lunch I had 5 oz. chicken, 1 cucumber, and 1 apple (repeated same for supper). I am doing pretty good, hunger was pretty normal. That evening I got a cold rush all over my body and felt faint, I literally had to lay down exactly where I was standing. Once I felt somewhat stable I went upstairs to bed.

    Day 4: Still no hunger, except for a headache, I'm doing pretty good, no more fainting spells. For lunch I had 5 oz. Chicken, 1 cucumber, and 1 apple. For supper I switched it up and had 5 oz. of pork tenderloin.

    Day 5: It's Monday and I'm back at work where there is always food everywhere. I have done very well, no cheating, I'm really just not hungry. For Lunch had Chicken, cucumber, and an apple. It's 2:26 P EST and I am happy to report things are going well.

    STATS: I am 5'2", small bones, 49 yrs, female

    JUL 14th (Day 1) - 144.1 (uggg)
    JUL 16th (Day 3) - 148.3 (gross)
    JUL 18th (Day 5) - 143.1 (whew)
  9. nix's Avatar
    DAY 6 - Update

    on July 19th, 2011 at 01:07 PM (27 Views)

    I asked my diet clinic which brand of HCG I am on, they were hesitant to tell me, but finally said American PP. I researched the different kinds and I don't recall that one at all, anybody have any ideas? I am on 175 iu injections. They give me 2-weeks of prefilled syringes and they have a pinkish-red hue to them.

    Anyway, I fixed my protein issue. Dropped the pork and replaced it with Beef Filets and portioned it to 3.5 oz. My only other issue I need to check is I didn't buy the regular Melba squares, I bought the rounds that had sea salt. I need to go to the store to see about calorie differences. So for now I am eating only two of those.

    Doing surprisingly well, haven't had another dizzy spell like I did on Saturday. I did see little white stars this morning (around 10A), so I immediately ate my apple and thankfully they away.

    Now that I am on the right 'track' I am excited to see what my losses are like from here.
  10. nix's Avatar
    Skipping one apple and one melba toast seemed to do the trick, got on the scale this morning and it said 138.5 (down 5.6 in 14-days). That's more like it!! Going to the Diet Clinic this evening, I'm out of syringes and will find out dosage and HCG brand.
  11. Andrea Piro's Avatar

    Grab the cookbook here:

    Go down to page 130 youll find some variety in prepping your veggies that might help take the gag factor away. Being creative with spices can really take the boredom and yuck away, and those veggies he picked because they are PACKED with micronutrients. You really need those and the antioxidants they provide to help your body transform into a healthier you.

    I didnt see anywhere your water intake. Are you getting enough?
  12. nix's Avatar
    Andrea: I'm probably drinking close to 3 quarts a day, I've been very careful about making sure I keep the fluids coming (I've never had to run to the bathroom so much in my life). Thank you for the link, I will check it out and try some. I know I need to eat veggies, I just wish there was more of a selection, I'm afraid if I force myself to eat something I find repulsive, it will hurt my conviction to eat clean.

    UPDATE -DAY 14:
    I went to the clinic last night for my f/u, I again asked them what brand of HCG. I'm shocked they won't tell me, they said it's pharmaceutical grade, but only the doctor knew the brand. I told them I wanted to know what it was, to ask him and call my cell today. They said I am on 175iu.

    Weighed this morning, no gain/no loss <insert a lot of cursing here>!!

    I am very proud in the fact that I have not cheated, I just wish I was losing faster.