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Second Official Round

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So I am finally able to start my second round! I was unable to before due to breastfeeding. I am in need of some serious motivation. I am an emotional eater and as a single mom, I get extremely stressed. I am currently on my second loading day (Ugh) and am looking forward to starting the VLCD tomorrow! I have let my weight hold me back for way too long. My cw as of this morning was 270.2 (yikes!). I've unfortunately been eating heavily this last month and that caused my weight to go from 255 to that I am doing a 21 day round this time and am just hoping to lose as much as I can to get as close as I can to my pre pregnancy weight (230) by my daughter's first birthday (June 14th!). I know that if I set a specific goal, that I will feel pressured and get stressed which is what I am trying to avoid. So....HERE GOES!

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  1. Octobergurll's Avatar
    I'm a single mom as well as an emotional eater. This is my 3rd round. Today makes my very first vlcd and I actually feel good. Hopefully we can keep each other motivated.
  2. hcgMommyof3CuteeZ2014's Avatar
    I think emotional is my middle name when it describes my eating as well. I am a mommy of 3... 10,8 and 5 years old kids....not single, but not married either. I ate so so bad the last 2 months and my weight shows it. I just started this round on 5/9 and VLCD day 1 was 5/12. Lets keep each other motivated. Love your picture. Your baby is beautiful BTW
  3. kapluzie123's Avatar
    if you stick to the plan, you will surely loose the weight! my advice- take one day at a time-- just think to yourself-- today I'm going to eat on the plan. Let tomorrow be worried about tomorrow ( with the same attitude).
    Your weight will fall off...
    I also advise that you precook your chicken or your other source of protein in the alloted amounts and place in your frig for easy grabbing. With young ones around- we rarely have time for ourselves.
    Drink lots of water or tea - not too much false sugar ( as it promotes a sweet tooth).
    Good luck and keep us posted
  4. Octobergurll's Avatar
    I started on May 16th doing the low calories and today I've lost a total of 5pounds. I'm super excited and I'm trying to stay away from emotional eating. *Motivated so far*