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NO More Constipation

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Looks like its a very old thread. Well, Im here. No moving for 5 days and actually only 4 times since April 28 (May 12 today). Im against extreme colon and enema cleaning as its against all my points of view. It was interesting to see that fiber should be taken away. Fiber is my long time friend along with Probiotics. Yesterday I bought Magnesia Milk that is Magnesium Hydroxide (a laxative and an antacid), took it yesterday - no results today. Now I see people take Magnesium citrate (treats constipation) and Magnesium Chloride (purposes of cellular detoxification and tissue purification, the most effective form of magnesium)... Well, I had no idea about so many forms for Magnesium - thought Magnesium is simply Magnesium. Now Im very confused - should I try all of them? One day one and next day another one? I have never took Magnesium before so not sure it will be so good to my body.
Right now I take vitamins, probiotics, 30 g fiber, detox light tea (1 time a day), Asai with Senna tea (1 time a day). No results!
If somebody has the same issue, I would appreciate any advise. Thank you and happy shrinking!

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