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R1P3D3: I am making it day by day

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Ok. My little escapade with the high sugar salad dressing yesterday did add some weight...a pound. Not as bad as I thought. When I totaled my calorie intake from yesterday it was a whopping 1457! Wow, I could have eaten a little more

I introduced pecans, whipped cream and half n half. I had eaten 2 pecan halves the previous day as a test and did not gain. Yay! I luv them. The whipped cream was fine but I am noticing, even this morning, that the half n half is slightly bothering me. So I will axe that and use regular milk instead. No problem.

I did do the magnesium citrate (1 heaping tsp) last night and it moved some of my mountain. I will continue that on a nightly basis.

LIW: 153.8
CW: 153.2

Breakfast: same as yesterday, can't really eat that much food in the morning
chicken salad w/some melba toast and celery
coffee with half n half

Lunch: BF is taking me to lunch
Guess where? The same place I ate yesterday....that salad!!!!!!
I had it again. I had them to remove some thing and instead of eating 6 ounces of the salad dressing,
I had 2 ounces. I ate the entire salad. I could barely do that when I was obese.

Dinner: Basa, fried in coconut oil, (CHANGED)
-dipped in buttermilk or milk, egg mixture
-lightly coated with coconut flour
More chicken salad with melba

I will try to eat some veggies at lunch. Not really feeling the veggie or fruit today. I must get my protein count up as yesterday was predominately fat.

PS. I have not exercised since Monday. Now that's not right.

I think I have overdone it with the melba, great.

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Updated November 12th, 2010 at 05:00 PM by nsbrown76



  1. Kati's Avatar
    yaaay! you're doing awesome! I'm finally adding in some more dairy today and will try nuts this weekend!! I'm so glad we both made it to P3!
  2. anh2100's Avatar
    Woot you are doing Great!!
  3. Dubbles's Avatar
    Heh n. is basa a type of fish? I luved being able to cook with a little oil in p3. Already miss that, but won't be too long since I'm doing such a short p2, I think 19 more days, and I'll join u all in p3 land, which I personally luved. I like your plan of having some chicken salad for breakfast--I'm not an egg eater, so that's a good idea for me.....later. Are u feeling better being in p3 now, you're right where u should be and that's great!
  4. britt8tink's Avatar
    Yay for magnesium, huh!?!? . You are doing great with P3 so far!
  5. nsbrown76's Avatar
    @Dubbles: Yes. Basa is kind of like Talipia but it had hardly no smell and does not have a fishy taste. It is a white fish with a buttery taste. I love and it is the only fish that I will eat.
  6. Dubbles's Avatar
    Will have to try the basa fish. Thanks.