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Wow! A lot of newbies have joined! Welcome to the Family.

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Ok. Update. I am in P4 somewhere...honestly I stopped counting the days because I know that I will be on it for at least 3 weeks.

I had an unexpected event occur on the 3rd day of P3. I was rushed to ER and had surgery...gall bladder gone. I go for a followup tomorrow. So my P3 was not a true P3 as I was fed some P4 foods in order to leave the hospital. Of course, no exercise. I feel robbed but glad to be alive. Today was my 1st day on the treadmill. I took it at a moderate pace (did not run). I am too terrified to get on a scale. I know that I have gained at least 10 pounds and will curse the scale king if more

I do better with goals so I have decided to weigh in on December 31st (R2P2) or when TOM leaves, if earlier. Let's see if I can stay away from the scale. I want to start earlier but have a potluck to manage at work and I know that I will eat. But I can not start then because TOM will come 2 days after the potluck. I am not discouraged because honestly I do not know how much I have gained. I am going to eat right and workout and drink water/tea until then so the gain will not be as high, hopefully.

I have gone to Publix and bought this FAGE greek yogurt that everyone is talking about. It is definitely an acquired taste but I manage to eat it. Incorporating stir frys and cutting back on starches. Starches are my downfall. I will admit that the fries and fast food do not taste good like they use to. Kind of nasty. I tried it once and that is enough. But the Wendy's frostee does I pigged out for Thanksgiving. I can not eat a lot at one time so I ate 5 times throughout the day...along with egg nog...wine. I was stuffed.

That sums up my 2 week adventure. Have a good one and I will be joining u guys shortly.

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    It's so good to hear from u again! Feels like hearing from a long-lost friend. Sounds like u are recovering nicely, able to exercise again. I did the same thing at Thanksgiving, ate a little of all of it, plus appetizers, and desserts (slivers of three different desserts). Had fun, enjoyed it, but got right back on the next day. It took 2 weigh-ins to lose what I gained, but that's ok. We'll do that occassionally. btw, I'm with you on the Fage yogurt. It must be an acquired taste, and one I couldn't seem to acquire. Didn't like it. Guess we'll be hearing more from u later in the year. Have a great holiday season!
  2. pinkprincess's Avatar
    Missed you girl! I'm with you for round 2 on Dec. 31st. Just remember, it doesn't matter what you gained, it's not as important as your life. Besides, we now know how to take it off. It's all good...glad you are back!