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40 Day round it is !!!!

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Well guys I decided on a 40 day round or 34lbs lol what ever comes first from what I understand we are not sapposed to lose more than 34lbs.... is that right? I juat wanted to make sure I understand it .... Im sorry for the repeat's:

40 days of drops and VLCD
3days of VLCD no drops
21 days of P3 maintanance
21 days of P4 or Load 2 days and restart the HCG

If someone could clarify I think Im just confusing myself.

Thank you Im trying to plan my load days around my Bday(lol) march 6.... I know stupid but I am dying for chocolate cake and I only eat it on my bday....thanks ALL

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  1. nshuman's Avatar
    One more question Has any1 used or is useing B12? my doc suggested it ..... Im always sooo tired !
  2. delaney's Avatar
    I have lost more than 34 pounds on this round already. I hadn't heard that you aren't supposed to! I'm almost done with this round so I'm not going to worry about it now.

    I am using B12 sublingual drops. I tried the tablets and they tore my stomach UP. I don't know that I notice too much of a difference with the B12 but I haven't been consistent about taking them at the same time of day.
  3. justjoan060's Avatar
    Delaney, where did you get your B12 drops?
  4. delaney's Avatar
    I just found them in the vitamin aisle in Wal-Mart.