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  1. 40 Day round it is !!!!

    Well guys I decided on a 40 day round or 34lbs lol what ever comes first from what I understand we are not sapposed to lose more than 34lbs.... is that right? I juat wanted to make sure I understand it .... Im sorry for the repeat's:

    40 days of drops and VLCD
    3days of VLCD no drops
    21 days of P3 maintanance
    21 days of P4 or Load 2 days and restart the HCG

    If someone could clarify I think Im just confusing myself.

    Thank you Im trying ...
  2. Bye Bye Xmas....

    So yesturday was xmas eve and of course well you all know what comes with that food food and well more food , I was down yesterday 2lbs and well today up 2 lbs ... ohhh emmm geee I had my meat and grreen beans and a few cookies I know but its ok im cool with that today a new day I am at home today im roasting my roast and veggies doing lots of water today and detox tea .. thanks to you guys I can nip it in the bud... right away I love all of you and feel like I have a home to come to when I am feelin ...
  3. Should I just give up?????

    This was the most horrible weekend between work, the family,the HHcg, and just my issues, I am an emotional wreck screwed up on friday saturday and today and did nothing but cry about it as if It was out of my control , when it was ALL me MY FAULT if emotionally screwed up is HCG something I should continue to try or just accept that Im over weight and try and live with it , went back to Chain smoking was always a smoker now it seems like im a smoker times ten. I have no clue how to fix what I have ...
  4. Todays menu !!!!!

    Hi All,

    Today I was still feeling a lil blah from my 'incooooodent' (lol) yesterday and well I'm tryin to move on but here is what I had today:

    BF: coffee spenda 1/2 grapefriut

    Lunch: cucumbers lemon salt pepper mrs dash and tuna 1/2 grapefruit

    Dinner: cucumbers chicken breast green tea splenda

    This plan got me all confused all nervous and acarred to eat I keep feeling like my screw up day slowed me down big time. ...
  5. okayyyyyyyy!!!!!!

    Ok soo after my stupid samples and cryin about it all crazy yesterday I woke up to a -1 loss which is all good today but
    am I going to be up like 10 lbs tommorro ..... this is some scary sh** it just has me wondering all the time. well I hope and pray that it was the last of my cheating lol..... oh cream for my coffee how I miss you...LOL

    On ward!!!!!!!!
  6. Soooooo Emotional today:(

    So I started of really well my usual tea and water , my apple at snack time , had my spinach and beef ....

    Then Costco happened went to pick up some meds and all crap broke loose completely forgot about HCG and everything that went withit .....

    I had not one not two but five yes 5 samples I was so dissapointted in myself I cried all the way home I'm sooo scared to get on the scale tommorro I was tryin to lose as much as i can before tom shows up ... Im a emotional wreck ...
  7. Vlcd4

    I guess I had it coming -1.8lbs today not what I expected but I'll take it I had tuna for luch yesterday and HAD to use lotion on my cracked hands ..... I wonder if thats why??????but thats ok from what I have read on here thats normal hoping tommoro will be better ..................a loss is a loss as long as I dont gain I guess I'll have to be ok with it?

    However I am a bit confused do I do a steak day to lose a gain and an apple day to break a plateau ? If someone can clarify ...
  8. Food Tyme!!!!

    Alright my HCG pals its only day 3 and I am bored Already with tryin to figure out what to eat
    but here is my menu hope tommorro weigh in goes ok!!!

    BF: Coffee, 1 splenda
    Snack : Half grapefruit, lots of water
    Lunch : 2 cups of rommaine with tuna packed in water ( I know hope I didnt screw up) anybody ever do tuna?
    Yarba mate tea with splenda
    more water
    Dinner: Sauted ground chuck with spinach and organic salt free seasoning
    snack ...
  9. omg day day 3 !!!!

    Ok so today is vlcd day 3 for me and I have a loss of 3.4lbs seriously is this for real
    I have never beel more excited in my life I want to be in onderland soooooo bad I can tatse it . I'm thinking Hcg will get me there ... just cant wait.
  10. ??????just wondering??????

    ok I thought I did pretty good today as well.

    BF: Yarbe mate Tea
    Snack : Apple
    Lunch: Chicken breast , romaine lettuce with half lemon black pepper, spicy chipotle ms dash
    more water
    and more tea
    Dinner : chicken breast, sauted grape tomatoes
    snack: Baked apple with splenda and cinamon

    and i goofed a lil while ago had a few more bites of chicken and tomatoes...

    does anyone think thats ...
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