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Bye Bye Xmas....

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So yesturday was xmas eve and of course well you all know what comes with that food food and well more food , I was down yesterday 2lbs and well today up 2 lbs ... ohhh emmm geee I had my meat and grreen beans and a few cookies I know but its ok im cool with that today a new day I am at home today im roasting my roast and veggies doing lots of water today and detox tea .. thanks to you guys I can nip it in the bud... right away I love all of you and feel like I have a home to come to when I am feelin down... emotional stress has taken its toll on me and I feel like this forum has helped subside ALOT of that !!!! Thanks guys.....

A question for everybody is I was going to do pellets but dont know a reliable website to get them from can anyone tell me there expiriences with that? Im doing the HCG platinum from gnc right now which has helped but just a lil pricey ... I know Ill need to do a couple more rounds and was tryin to save a little money.....

Any help would be appriciated!!! Thanks again guys

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  1. justjoan060's Avatar
    I have no experience with pellets, nshuman. I've only done sublingual drops from the pharmacy (expensive). So I already have some for the next round I ordered from one of the recommended websites "reliablerx" (something like that).