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Todays menu !!!!!

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Hi All,

Today I was still feeling a lil blah from my 'incooooodent' (lol) yesterday and well I'm tryin to move on but here is what I had today:

BF: coffee spenda 1/2 grapefriut

Lunch: cucumbers lemon salt pepper mrs dash and tuna 1/2 grapefruit

Dinner: cucumbers chicken breast green tea splenda

This plan got me all confused all nervous and acarred to eat I keep feeling like my screw up day slowed me down big time.
any thoughts on todays menu would be appriciated!!!

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  1. justjoan060's Avatar
    I don't know what your screw up day was, but I'm feeling equally scared and confused. Just started P3 and I'm trying to increase calories within reason, but at the same time I've been hungry all day without the hcg to control it. I gained 1.4 lbs this morning and I meant to cut back to a more P2 menu today, but I was SO hungry! I'm sure we'll figure it out! Hang in there!
  2. nshuman's Avatar
    I sure hope so joan I was filled with amo before but the farther in this I get and the more i read i just get even more confused this is harder than school and Im an ultrasound technician geez I sure hope your right and I get it ... WE get it!!! btw my screw up day was at costco with there samples ...lol Thanks for the words of encouragment.......
  3. justjoan060's Avatar
    I think the secret is "easy does it". I know I threw too much at my body too quickly. I was feeling so good on hcg, and now I'm tired, sluggish and constipated!! :-( Constipation is a problem of mind anyway and the teas helped in P2 but not now, and it certainly doesn't help the scale! I have to figure out how to handle that. Today I'm going back to no breakfast, mixed salad and shrimp for lunch, apple, mashed cauliflower and steak for supper. NO COCOA CRACK, NO MUG CAKE for now! And, I think I'm forgetting to drink quite as much water. Will get back on that! I think what's confusing is what some people are eating and getting by with. We need to stick to Dr. S's instructions and we'll probably do better. Keep in touch. Maybe we can figure this out together!
  4. justjoan060's Avatar
    By the way, nshuman, I can't tell what Phase what day you're on. Maybe you're in P2????