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Well I have decided to start blogging my HCG experience. I am starting my 3rd round on Sunday. I was going to start last Friday but found out I have to wait until after my surgery on this Friday. I am having one of the plates taken out of my forearm.

I started my first round on May 1st weighing in at 233.5. I did the complete 43 day round and man was it hard. But when I finished phase 2 I was down to 210.5. Phase 3 was lots of fun and I managed to stabilize pretty good and finished at 210.1. Phase 4 started right around the Fourth of July and since we had a big get together it was not pretty. I found out pretty quickly that alcohol did not agree with my weight. Then we went on vacation with the family and that was not a good thing since I ate whatever I wanted.

I started my second round on August 16th weighing in at 216.5. I managed to do the 23 day round but toward the end it was getting tough. I don't know how I managed all 43 the first time. I got down to 202.2 during that round and have managed to stabilize between 205 and 207 eating phase 4 foods.

Now I am so ready to get started on my third round which I am going to try to cycle. I am not doing it to lose faster but to keep loosing throughout the upcoming holidays. I am going to start out doing 2 weeks on, 1 week phase 3 then back to phase 2. Hopefully this will work for me. I am so excited to find out.

Goodbye for now.

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  1. mktngwiz's Avatar
    Your experience sounds like mine! I'm starting R2 this weekend, 9/25 & 26 and I'm considering cycling... My R1 was 43 days; it was hard. No other way to describe it. I lost 17.5 lbs. I stabilized well in P3 but have found P4 to be very challenging. I'm going into R2 at about +4.0 LIW, pre-load. I've learned alot and am making some tweaks for R2, probably like you! Good luck in your journey!