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  1. Hello Again :) Update, new experiment, theories, and other ramblings.....

    Hi hcg folks!
    Long time no talkie!


    Summary of my whereabouts LOL:
    My last blog was about 4th of July weekend, where I fell SERIOUSLY off the wagon hahah. But it was so much fun and worth it! I spent almost the entire 4 day weekend at the lake with my daughter and about 5 of her friends and some of their parents. Fireworks were banned here in SW Oklahoma so we did lots of other stuff to keep busy.... like ...
  2. Raise your hand if...

    ... you shamelessly cheated over the holiday weekend and you're afraid to get on the scale.
    Me! Me!
  3. Woot Woot!

    Last night a friend from out of town came in... Bottom line I ate a billion Cheezits, trail mix (no choc), a glass of milk, and two green apple Smirnoffs. Cheat much Steph? Lol. Oh well it was fun. And we stopped nd bought scratchoffs and I won $500!!! So awesome, that helps alot with the moving costs next week.
    So .8 gain this morning. Totally worth it.
    Happy 4th weekend everyone
  4. Fabulous start to Friday

    Another pound loss wowzas!
    I ate another piece of cheese yesterday, and cottage cheese twice... Everything else was protocol. My body loves dairy! Which is so good to know for later since I'm a serious milk drinker. Oh and I've been loving the lemon water too.... Aaahh this week is so much better than the last. Whew.
    I will be packing up the house over the weekend, so maybe all that extra energy will knock me off another pound by Monday. Keeping my fingers crossed!
    Monday ...