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Today is great

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The pound loss this morning.
Went to work and was SUPER productive, maybe my spirits were better
Had to take my daughter to the bus for an out of town game, on the way back decided screw work I'm not going back... And stopped by this little random realty agency (not thinking I'm moving for another couple months or so)
THEN the best thing ever happened.....
I found the most AMAZING HOUSE EVER!!! It has everything I WOULD LIKE but didn't think I could find, and a decent price.... Just so PERFECT for us!!
It was almost taken, the woman just hadn't paid the deposit so I took it! Well, I WILL take it at the crack of dawn they are waiting for me to gone in and sign papers.
So the only downfall is..... UGH I have to pack and move in 2 weeks BLEH. again. My house is still full of boxes LOL (we just moved here 5 weeks ago)

I'm on freaking cloud nine. Really hope I lose in the AM!
Oh and side note.... I've learned a way to tolerate tons of water... I fill it up with ice/water and squirt lemon juice ;from the little plastic lemon) and 1 packet Stevia. Yum.
Night Yawl!

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