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Vlcd 4, and my sick kitty :(

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184 this morning, that means 6 pounds in 4 days!!! Wow! Which is extra awesome since I cheated with a brownie day 1 and yesterday was my first day of TRUE 500 cals (I hovered around 650). Yippeee!
Today I was supposed to skip a dose and see where I am with the hunger.... to see if I need to decrease tomorrow (I had already increased to 175iu and it seemed to get worse)... but instead I did 100iu. We will see what happens. Last night I had melba toast for the first time (I'm not against it I just kept forgetting to stop and buy it)....... HALLELUJAH!!! Melba toast is amazing after 4 days of NO simple carbs or grains. Apparently the fact that I had two in one setting (or 3 ) didn't affect my loss this morning either, whew.

In other news, my cat threw up stomach acid with blood right after I woke up. I'm pretty sure she is going to die soon, if not I will have her put down. I'm sad, but not hysterical crying because I've had her for 11 years and she survived ALOT and had a pretty nice life. She's the sweetest cat EVER, a little 4 pound ball of fluffy black fur and I really do love her.
Poor Cassie

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  1. NursesRock_RN's Avatar
    Thanks Lisa
    for making me cry at work LOLOLOLOL