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HCG and Perscription Meds?

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Hi Everyone,

I am about to begin the HcG diet next Friday, -8/26, and will be using the Hcg pharmaceutical grade drops. My question is, I'm on several prescription medications. The HCG diet info that I've come across says to stop all meds while your on the program-I can't do that. I need my meds. They are mainly for depression, and low thyroid function. I take the natural thyroid, not the synthetic.

Can I still be on this diet?

Hope so.

Thanks much,

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  1. This Time I hope's Avatar
    You should always consult with your doctor if you are concerned. However, most of the women here have thyroid problems and are on medication for it (including myself- I'm on Synthroid). I am no doctor, but HCG is the same hormone produced by pregnant women. I'm not sure how that would be impact your depression medicine at all. I don't know why it would.

    I have been on the HCG Diet for 14 days. I feel as if I am in my 20s again. I have energy. I am focused and clear headed. I sleep better. I wake up feeling rested. My mood is elevated. I have more patience and tolerance. My hair loss has slowed (its actually getting thicker). The brown spots on my cheeks have faded greatly (though still there). I am loving life for the first time in I don't know how long.....I'm actually happy. My husband has noticed how happy I am and my children have noticed the difference also. What a fun and loving home we've had these past two weeks....In 14 days I am down 9.5 lbs and have lost 8 inches.
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