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But by the Grace of GOD!

I need a few more days

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Dear Friends: I listened to your words and yesterday they sounded good. I am still keeping my goal weight at 109 but yesterday I overindulged in the salt shaker and my weight up from 108.6 to 110.4. I know it is probably water but I think I will do a few more days of p2 pellets then few without out. This means I won't have much time before I leave on my trip in p3. However my family I am visiting all eat very very healthy so I do not think I will have a problem eating well on my first week of p3. So I hope nobody is mad and thinks I didn't listen to their posts yesterday. I did. Thank you kindly. I very much appreciate your words of comfort and support.

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  1. Abinco's Avatar
    Sounds like a good idea either way. You are really there ya know? Do you have the healthier salt.........Celtic, real salt or Himalayan? Those do not cause a gain. I love Celtic myself. It is also very good for you and adds more minerals. Good luck and you are doing very good. I have no doubt your P3 will be as equally impressive.