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But by the Grace of GOD!

Be Back soon!

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Good Morning my wonderful supporters. I am leaving this morning on a trip to see family and won't be able to blog till I get back most likely. I weighed in at 110.2 this morning .6 below my LIW so I feel fine. Today will be my second day on p3. I packed some chicken and apples for the plane ride. I have never been much of a cream person in my coffee and to be honest I am a little weary of trying too much while gone because I won't have a scale to check it's effect. I have upped my calories and will continue to do so at a reasonable rate. Hopefully I won't gain too much if any while gone. Thank you again for all your kindness. See you in a week unless of course I can get to a computer with some private time.

God Bless and Keep Well.

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