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But by the Grace of GOD!

First VLCD Round 2

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I am starting my second round today. My load was terrible. After the first day I was so bloated and miserable I could not eat much of anything. The hunger is not too bad today. I have been drinking alot of water and decaf coffee and tea. My last round I chewed sugar free gum which helps my sweet tooth. Looking around for a thread that I might fit into. Happy day to all. God Bless.

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  1. swim4fun's Avatar
    I am in the same place as you. I feel a little nervous as we still have many holiday functions to go to but I felt like there is always a reason to put things off and I should start now. I lost 10lbs in my first round and hope to lose about 7 more. The load days killed me and I feel so disgusting. Today I am happy to drink tea and have simple food. Good luck and I may pop back to see how you are doing.
  2. Onedayatatime's Avatar
    Thank you Swim4fun for your support. Support sent your way as well.