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Break already?!

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My parents just called to tell us that they are coming to visit us thru the 4th of July starting this Sunday.
I could already see this round getting off to a very good start, but I'm afraid that I'm gonna have to break already.
This really hurts my heart =( On the other hand, though, I haven't seen my parents since Christmas 2009!!!

I'm debating whether I should even break or if should just try my hardest to stay on protocol while they are here.
I know for sure my mom is going to want to cook for us some of her delicious Mexican plates and homemade flour and corn tortillas so I know I'm gonna have a HARD time staying on track.

Does anyone know, if I take a week and a half break, do I have to reload? Or do I just pick up where I left off?
I've never had to do this.

My last attempt at a round 2 , which I totally sabotaged, ended in what should of been a break except that I never came back =/ I really don't want that to happen again.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks and TGIF!! I hope everyone is doing great and seeing losses. Have a great weekend.

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  1. Heidi Kate's Avatar
    Here's some ideas: (I've been reading a lot of hcg info and blogs)

    1) Make Chocolate Delight. I just went to Michaels and got star shaped ice cube trays.
    It is a delicious candy and you can have a few peices a day even in p2. (I keep mine in the freezer, it tastes even better) Google it...
    2) Cook veggies with a little (like a tsp) coconut oil extra virgin...the good stuff. Coconut oil raises the ketones in the body which burns fat. It's thermogenic.
    3) Some hcg protocols also allow broccoli, and other veggies. You can go to the Less of Me site. Jayme has lost a ton of weight and she has a cook book.
    4) Wrap your B Qed burger in Romaine lettuce and purple onions, or have a beautiful
    New York steak seasoned with Outback seasoning (you can get that recipe online as well)
    5) Have some macadamia nuts. they also raise the ketones in the body. 5-10 a day
    6) for fun, instead of the melba or grissini, have gluten free pretzels. (make sure calories are at about 50 for each meal)
    7) If you go out to eat, have meat, fish or chicken, eyball the portion or bring your food scale and veggies. I always ask them to cook with no fat and order sides of lemon slices and a little bowl of crushed garlic and grilled onions. It's yummy!!!

    Hope this helped

    You can stay right on protocol. No problem!!!!!!
  2. OPSBMD0806's Avatar
    Heidi Kate,
    Thank you so much for all of this info!! I had no idea I could eat or do any of that!!
    I'm gonna try so hard to stay on protocol using your advice. I hope my will power doesn't fail me...
    Thanks again for your time and for reading my blog =)
  3. Heidi Kate's Avatar
    You are very welcome. This blog is so fun! i love getting to know people and us all banning together to achieve our goals and dreams. It's amazing the difference we feel when we weigh less!. I feel lighter on my feet and just more beautiful even after 15 1/2 #s!
    Think positive ! You can do it. I find it's easier to focus on the yummy things we CAN eat AND I'm also finding that food really ISN"T ALL THAT IMPORTANT!!! People are important. Feeling good is important.
    I was at a restaurant with my family and my husband who is trying to help me said "I wont get the onion straws". I looked at the waiter and said. "Get the onion straws for them. (I didn't eat any). My husband said " You're not able to have bread either, I'm sorry honey"...I said "I don't care because you know what I DO get to have? I get to have a thinner, more healthy body and I'm excited!"
  4. Heidi Kate's Avatar
    o you can also have sugar free jello