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Vlcd 1 boo boo oops

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VLCD1 I tried something today that I hadn't done on the first round...I had some extra lean ground beef. (97/3) and as I'm sitting here tracking my calories (sparkpeople.com) I realize that my calculations where off....way off!! 3.5 oz of ground beef is NOT the same as 3.5 oz of chicken breast.
WTH I should of known better.Too late now though. I'm sure the scale will go down anyways because I wasn't gorging today, but I still feel aweful. You live and you learn, huh?

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  1. raggedyann's Avatar
    I had lean ground beef during my vlcd and I didn't have any problems losing, although I didn't lose as much as I did on days with cod and chicken though. You should still see a loss.

    Keep us posted tomorrow, good luck!
  2. JessHskr's Avatar
    I did the 93/7 as well and still lost. The first day I had it, I lost 2 pounds the next day. The next time I had it I lost only about 3/4 of a pound. I don't eat it often but I prefer beef so I allow it once or twice a week. Good Luck!!!
  3. OPSBMD0806's Avatar
    This morning's weight in was a good turn out. I was down 3 #, which were mostly loading #s. Thanks for reading my blog and commenting.
  4. JessHskr's Avatar
    Awesome job!!!!