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  1. Seeds Planted

    The napkins were from Ds birthday party, an event at my home several years back. They had made their way from storage to counter, available for use. The green napkins were a delightful reminder of a wonderful evening with friends. It was the last time I could recall really feeling like myself.

    You cant make everyone happy, so concentrate on me was a slogan meant to say Im the birthday girl, and I love it, its my night. Tonight, that slogan had just

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  2. The World Resolves

    A brief skimming of internet pages on New Year's Resolutions was indicative of my neighborhood. Friends driving over for dinner (that included the traditional black eyed peas for prosperity) reported at least a half dozen people out jogging or walking despite frigid temperatures. More than 1/2 of those making New Year's Resolutions will drop them within six months. That leaves at least some who will continue and good for them.

    This year - while the world makes resolutions - I get ...
  3. My Weight in Enviroment

    Here's thinking that this losing weight thing goes far beyond the numbers on the scale. The loss of weight changes our entire enviroment. There is a heck of a lot going on right at the moment.

    Every day in the mirror, I gain a new appreciation for myself. Tonight, I put on a "home alone-comfy-was my favorite-I felt thinner" dress. And it was very loose. Wonder what MsTenYearsAgo would say about the scale reading today.

    Meanwhile, my children behave differently ...
  4. BunkO!

    These women I see once a month are inspirational and motivational. Laughter and support, sharing and listening are unspoken rules. The food is always marvelous and the beverages flowing.

    But they don't play Bunko. usually.

    Tonight, however, the attempt was made at actually setting a group of women down into one place for a prescribed amount of time. I completely lost track, trying to count the migrations. Everyone is just happy to visit, to remember back when, ...
  5. The Last Yo

    The last three weeks have been a blur of lurking, posting, researching, and re-reading just to be sure. The delay in supplies was a good time to give serious consideration to the commitment at hand.

    I'm to VLCD2. This is tough. Life is tough anyway, so why not give 100% to finding someone I've never known but always loved...that woman inside of me who is the size nature most likely intended for us to be.

    She's breaking out!

    Tonight my history became ...

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