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These women I see once a month are inspirational and motivational. Laughter and support, sharing and listening are unspoken rules. The food is always marvelous and the beverages flowing.

But they don't play Bunko. usually.

Tonight, however, the attempt was made at actually setting a group of women down into one place for a prescribed amount of time. I completely lost track, trying to count the migrations. Everyone is just happy to visit, to remember back when, to plan for the weekend, to eat and graze through seconds. Tonight we played two rounds! Success!

I didn't win (and the prizes were great) - I did come home with a jar of candy and most likey committed an ultimate gift faux pax. The gift was an incredible heavy glass mug filled with candy. And my first thought, and unfortunately comment outloud was "who can I get to enjoy this candy?"

However, I'm going to see the hostess tomorrow and explain. There is NO way I'm going to consider eating candy or birthday cake or saltine crackers. Round 1, Phase 2, VLCD 4. I only weigh in the morning. Before I started loading, my weight was 236. I'm down to 232.4. Almost ten pounds lost in three days, including the load weight. Success!! That's a win for me!

My dosage has been too high, I think. Here at the end of the night, I'm the fullest I've been all day. Haven't even wanted my strawberries that I'd saved to celebrate enjoying a Bunko night without cheating.

So I cleaned and washed the strawberries, divided up the close to mushy ones and froze them. That will be a tasty bit of pleasure when it's hot this weekend. One serving still in the fridge. Tried Ground Buffalo tonight. Could actually taste the bit of fat that didn't drain & wash off.

Tomorrow is my skip day. If I'm less hungry, I'll drop my dose to 125 on Saturday. If I'm more hungry....ravenous hungry....then I need to up the dose. Correct?

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