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The World Resolves

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A brief skimming of internet pages on New Year's Resolutions was indicative of my neighborhood. Friends driving over for dinner (that included the traditional black eyed peas for prosperity) reported at least a half dozen people out jogging or walking despite frigid temperatures. More than 1/2 of those making New Year's Resolutions will drop them within six months. That leaves at least some who will continue and good for them.

This year - while the world makes resolutions - I get to hold steady to my plan! What a free and exciting New Year that starts with me knowing I'm nearing that six month mark and holding firm to my life choices.

This blog, for me, has been about documenting the person inside and finding her under the layers. From May 2010 in size 22s to New Year's 2011 in 14s, the layers of weight leaving have revealed hope, optimism, sense of purpose, energy and joy. I'm digging this new chick - and feel a solidarity with those mid year resolutions to be healthy.

It's not as if the challenges of life and temptations to falter have gone away, somehow banished by this new glow from the thinner me. In the next few weeks, I'm going to start a new field placement for my social work degree. The semester will have challenges and I'm going to get tired and busy and temptation lurks at every fast food place. My oldest son is moving 20 hours away and this is the big move - the he doesn't live with me anymore, he's establishing his own home move. Both are going to happen within the same week.

Thankfully, my journey with weight loss and a healthy lifestyle has been rolling right along and will sustain me through the rough patches ahead. My friends and supporters both face to face and online will be there for me. Support networks are to be cherished and I am very grateful for each interaction that bolsters my confidence in good choices.

Ok, so I will admit to a resolution. I started Yoga last week and am signing up for classes with a local studio for January. Not because of the New Year, because I'm almost to the end of P3 and need to develop an activity that will tone and continue to build on the good work started by hCG. Yoga doesn't feel like a New Year's Resolution, it is yet another element...the next ingredient in the recipe for a new life. a new me.

Wait - not new - just recently rediscovered. The adventure, for all of us, continues.

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