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The Last Yo

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The last three weeks have been a blur of lurking, posting, researching, and re-reading just to be sure. The delay in supplies was a good time to give serious consideration to the commitment at hand.

I'm to VLCD2. This is tough. Life is tough anyway, so why not give 100% to finding someone I've never known but always loved...that woman inside of me who is the size nature most likely intended for us to be.

She's breaking out!

Tonight my history became my focus for a bit. When was my first diet? I was in high school. Successful diet #1. Weight back on by 23. NutriSystem (as an on-air radio dj talking about my experience and my weight loss every day). 83 lbs lost. Married, two children, weight creeps up. Divorce. Lost 30 pounds or so. Settled back down and weight bumps some, so it's time for Atkins. I probably lost 40 or 50 pounds. Then my parents passed and my marriage faultered.

When faced family history, this is do or die. There is no more string, no more yo=-yo. Diabetes, heart conditions, joint problems. What in the world have I been thinking...or more likely...Not Thinking?!? That woman who's tried breaking out three or four times is determined and ready to run the show. Healthy decisions for mind, body and spirit.

Anything good probably needs to hurt a little.

In May, I weighed 266. I started out on a low carb diet and was down to 234 just before I started my shots. Day 1 - 236, load +6 = 242.

R1P2VLCD2...tomorrow's scale should be interesting.

Sweet Dreams

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Updated August 10th, 2010 at 08:33 PM by Paendora



  1. kbj's Avatar
    Paendora, hope you have a great loss in the morning to jump start your way to the real you!
  2. SHERYLSLC's Avatar
    How did you do. I am new to this as well. Love reading other post about it. Hope all is well.
  3. mcneillpat's Avatar
    Sounds like you're doing really well so far!
  4. Beenz's Avatar
    Paendora, there is nothing like the illness/loss of a parent or two to really get to you in so many ways. I have NEVER been as heavy as I was when my Dad passed; and I promised him in one of his good moments that I would get this under control when he was gone. I think he would be pleased to see that I have found something that is working. The emotional and time stresses when you're going through that, or a divorce, I'd imagine, are so intense!!!