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My intentions were to start my 1st loading day on Sat, 10/16th however I decided to begin my lifestyle change on the 18th.......

Drops were taken @ 8:00am, 11:00am, 2:00pm, 5:00pm, 8:00pm, and 11:00pm. My day began with a caramel latte' loaded with heavy cream. For lunch, I chose fried chicken strips @ Fatz - followed by a bean and cheese burrito from taco bell. YUCKY combo but it worked and I felt stuffed. Feeling full all day long, I had a hard time eating dinner so I decided to have another latte' and ending the night with a peanut butter chocolate milkshake. OH HOW DELISH!!!

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    You need a lot of fats in that loading, so if u can't get them down, today u could take some fish oil supplements. That's what I've read people do when loading. I never had any trouble, but just thought I'd tell u. Good luck on your HCG journey.
  2. livfor4's Avatar
    I know during my loading I ate so much fat that I didn't feel to well at the end of my 2 days. It made starting the diet a relief. Good luck with the rest of your loading! and then on to P2!! It's so exciting to see the scale drop drop drop!!!
  3. pagegurl's Avatar
    I woke up this am having gained 5 lbs......... YIKES! I wish I could take the fish oil supplements, but they give me the worst indigestion.......

    I'm soooooooo full now I can hardly breathe.......... and it's time for my next dose of drops and lunch.

    Do either of you know what the bad side effects are of the drops?

    Thanks you two for the info ......
  4. livfor4's Avatar
    I gained as well during my first 2 days. It is alarming, but just keep in mind that after your loading days you will start to see the scale go down! Don't STUFF yourself beyond the breaking point just make sure what you ARE eating is high in fat. I found it was easier to eat every few hours (even if I wasn't hungry) something small but high in fat like 2 brownies or cookies. One meal I wen to Taco Bell and couldn't finish my food so I saved what I hadn't eaten for my snack later that afternoon. I didn't take any supplements during my loading days.
    I don't take the drops but I haven't heard of many(if any) bad side effects.
  5. Dubbles's Avatar
    Oh, I gained on loading days as well, maybe four pounds. But u lose that immediately, and the benefits of not feeling so hungry as u start the vlc days is worth it. Hell, I luved loading! I took the drops and had no problems, I never had any hunger, not real hunger issues, some grumbling of tummy, but eventually settled down. Never heard of side effects from drops. Maybe someone on the forums can help u. Good luck.
  6. pagegurl's Avatar
    Thanks ladies....... I truly appreciate the info. I have hardly eaten anything today although I'm starting soon........... looking forward to another peanut butter milkshake...........lol