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The last two days were interesting...first off, I ended up cheating (here I am, still in the first week...terrible) with cajun fries! I only had a handful, but it was done!
The next day I weighed myself and there was zero change...made me nervous...I believe it takes a couple of days for "cheats" to show up anyway, so right off the bat, this wasn't a good sign!

Next day, down .8 lbs...felt a little better...beat myself up for cheating and then cheated again!!! I went to a movie and the smell of popcorn overwhelmed me! My friend had a bag of popcorn with nothing on it, so I ate about 3 handfuls...ended up hating myself again!!!

Now, I'm up to today! I finally have a BM this morning after 4 days and weighed myself...I'm down 1.8 lbs! WTH??

I need to get crackin' on being better about staying on protocol; it's so much harder this 2nd round...the motivation is lacking a bit-plus, I'm so close to my goal-I think that messes with my head too! I need to stay focused and get this done!!

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