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You can Never Beat the System

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Hi All:

I have been in phase 2 for 21 days (19 of you dont count loading). Yesterday I was down 15.8! Today, down 13.8..Whose fault is it? MINE!! They tell you do not go off the program. So what do I do yesterday? Had a HUGE Saturday nite dinner (chicken cutlet, cheese, arugala and frozen yogurt). What was I thinking. I went to bed thinking so ill be up a pound but OH no...UP TWO POUNDS!!! Feel like crap

Why do we think we can beat the system? Steak day for me...feel sad. I have been very happy with the progress. I will tell you that I will NEVER do this again. Not worth it. maybe when I am down a significant amount but 15.8 was almost 16....This is just a real eye opener. Please share your stories with me and help me get through this indiscretion and move on. Thanks all. I am greateful to have a group to reach out to.

Have a great day

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  1. We should be proud's Avatar
    This is a learning process for all of us, keep the hard work
  2. pam622's Avatar
    Did a Steak day and lost 1.6. so i feel better!!