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Has this ever happened to you

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Need so help and guidance.....I am totally baffled and really upset. I am R1,P4 (just started P4 yesterday)

First of all through the 3 weeks of stabilization, I lost an additional 4.2 lbs. Thats how I started yesterday. Yesterday I ate nothing different (I have these cardboard crackers that are 0 everything and that I have eaten every day for 3 weeks with some almond butter. I then had an appple, some almonds, a piece if swordfish (rather large), asparagus and creamed spinach. I have had all of these things before and nothing has happened. Then I decided its time to try different things. I thought I had taken sugar free fat free jello from the fridge and lite cool whip. The cool whip is so low in carbs and sugar and the jello is nothing. I ate it right before I went to sleep.

I WOKE UP THIS MORNING TO A 1.6 POUND GAIN!!!! I am completely freaking out. what happened?

Then when I went in the fridge I may have taken the regular jello which is 17 sugars and 17 carbs. Not sure but I may have. Would that do it?

I am walking (yesterday was first day I did not for all of last week) and really doing well. Not eating any cookies, cake, bread or anything. A few sweet potato fries Saturday nite and sugar fee fat free yogurt which I usually have on Saturday nites.

Then this. I also had a horrible night sleep which also makes me think that I had the regular jello which had a lot of sugar in it. I never had a gain like this before.

Please help me understand what happened. I am still 2.6 lbs less than last HCG weight. But I am freaking out.

If it was sugar free jello, could that still happen? Please let me know. Thanks so much

I do not want to ruin my first round. I am scheduled for R2 first week in October.

Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated and where do I go from here?

Thanks and have a great day

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