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Time of the Month Ugh!!!

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Things were going great. Down 18.2, 8.5 inches gone and 2 weeks until end of Phase 2. Then this morning Time of the Month... weight is up .6...What happens? Do we lose that weight at some point? I assume I continue as before and just follow the diet and take my HCG (pellets). Feel like crap!! Thanks for the help

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  1. MeganP's Avatar
    continue the diet and pellets. its water weight for however long your period lasts it will flutuate up and down and than youll have a nice drop when its done i promise ive had tom twice, 1 the veery begining of ph2 and the very end ph2/startph3
  2. MeganP's Avatar
    *fluctuate argh sorry lol
  3. We should be proud's Avatar
    Hi, It's really funny that I found this post today. I am on my day 14 and I have noticed that I always retain liquids when I ovulate. I didn't do anything different and gain 1 kilo from one day to the other!! I was soooooo upset, but I will gladly report that in 2 days of doing exactly the same I drop the kilo and half more. So hung in there Pam, our bodies may trick us sometimes, the trick is to keep strong and do not look back...keep well.
  4. pam622's Avatar
    well finally gone..it only lasted two days. but now i'm having other problems with constipation. Lordy, this is so depressing. 13 days to go in Phase II and im not where i want to be. i wanted to be at 20 by now..hovering around 18. im reallt trying to stay strong. thanks for all the support