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What do I do?

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Good Morning all. I am at a crossroads and really need some help and advice.

July 9, 2012 I started my journey. did 2 rounds and at my lowest I was down 52.5 lbs. Of course when I saw that what did I do?????Went in the other direction.

I decided to do another round with patches that I had used in the second round. Loading of course was fun and I stayed on plan for one week, lost 4 lbs (that was when I was down 52.5) and then it all exploded. I cheated and then that was it for me. So I decided to try and go back to my P3 lifestyle that i was following before I started this last round. Then I decided to load again and try and start the round again. Well that did not work either. Are you dizzy from reading this??? I am dizzy from this yoyo ride I am on.

I feel like I am back to before I started the original journey. I have had chocolate, carbs and all disgusting food that has made me feel horrible about myself and now I am really scared that I am on the road to gaining everything back.

So I ask for your help. What do I do. I have no patches on...I am down 47 lbs from my original weight and really do not want to gain another ounce. I dont know what to do. I am just not in the frame of mind to do another round but would like to get rid of the few lbs I gained and either stabilize at 50 lbs and stay there until I am feeling stronger or find something that will help me lose the final 20 I want to lose even if its slow. I have thought about Weight Watchers, The Fast Diet and just stop carbs and sugar altogether. I will have to def detox from sugar as I have been indulging like a drunken sailor.

HELP! Also, because I stopped mid round what should I do. I am urging anyone who can give me advice to write back asap. Its sunday morning, all I have had so far is coffee and I need help.

I look forward to hearing from you and thanks so very much. God Bless

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  1. carrielovesfred's Avatar
    I've done a stop through mid-round which was a bad idea, I gained everything back pretty quickly. I've lost weight the old fashioned way (watching my diet, counting calories and exercise) and through HCG. I think those other diet methods like the diet shakes or fasts are always just going to be temporary. You will fail at them and feel worse. If you don't want to do HCG then your only other option (that will make you feel better about yourself too) is hitting the gym and counting calories. For me writing down what I eat and paying attention to the serving size and the calories helped SOOO MUCH. I don't think it works if you don't write it down. It also makes you aware of what you're eating and the "cost" of it. Would you rather have a whole meal for 400 calories or 2 candy bars? Don't panic. Just do your best. Throw out your bad food and start again.
  2. tomwilla's Avatar
    I dont know to much about this but did you drink the BP Coffee? I know they have a diet.. I think it is the Paleolithic Diet plus the BP Coffee.. Just saying.
  3. pam622's Avatar
    thx so much. what i want to know also is what about stopping mid round. do i reload and try to do a short round just to finish it?