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Keeping Track

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I think I want to blog once a week - if I can remember! Just to keep track of how everything is going. I hope to do 4 rounds (or more?)

Few things I want to remember:
- loading does not start 2 weeks before your 1st injection
- look at the big picture!!! you're hungry? suck it up, it won't kill you - who do you want to be?
- prepare - EVERY day, always have a few days ready in the freezer
- read P&I, take notes - keep it straight

So, I messed up. I don't know how to count my losses. I gained 10-12 lbs during the 2-3 weeks that I knew I was starting HCG. How stupid, I can hardly get past it. I would have been so much farther ahead ( or would I, I'll never know) It's enough to drive me crazy. So, I suppose, as of today I consider my loss at 2.6 or .6 altho I will keep my tracker as is! Motivation comes in many forms...

After 4 days on VLCD -12.6

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