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  1. My ah ha moment! what in the heck took me so long?

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    good morning everyone!

    Do you know what I realized yesterday? After having my issues with going off protocol and reading about your gain and loss Sarah, I realized that this diet is teaching me how to live. Why did it take me this long to realize that a gain of 2-5 lbs does not mean failure? Or eating bad for even a whole week does not mean that I might as well give up? I had a week of eating crazy and it showed. I think my gain showed as 7lbs over - it freaked me out, but I thought
  2. Keeping Track

    I think I want to blog once a week - if I can remember! Just to keep track of how everything is going. I hope to do 4 rounds (or more?)

    Few things I want to remember:
    - loading does not start 2 weeks before your 1st injection
    - look at the big picture!!! you're hungry? suck it up, it won't kill you - who do you want to be?
    - prepare - EVERY day, always have a few days ready in the freezer
    - read P&I, take notes - keep it straight

    So, ...