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Summer school on campus is terrible for several reasons.

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One reason being that my summer is consumed with tedious homework for eight weeks, the other being that I am finding it more and more difficult to follow hcg protocol for phase 2. It's kind of difficult to bring lunch to my university seeing as there's not a cooler I can store it in, and all the lunch options on campus are really, really terrible (even if you aren't dieting). Because of this, I have to eat lunch early and dinner later, and I have no idea what to do about it. Any ideas?

Besides all that nonsense, I am really excited to be on the diet again. My first round I used pellets and lost nearly thirty pounds. I have a long way to go, but being on the protocol in general makes me feel so much better. My anxiety was decreased substantially and I felt so much more energetic. Hopefully I can lose another thirty pounds this time around

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  1. captncrunch's Avatar
    I can definitely understand this is difficult. I stayed on p2 for 49 days because I didn't want to risk eating food from the dining hall in p3, in p3 i survived with my skillet. But it sounds to me like maybe ur commuting for the summer? One option that could think of is maybe having a protein shake as one of your meals, so you can either each lunch later or eat dinner earlier? Or if you have a friend on campus with a microwave an insulated lunch box should be enough to keep it safe for the day until you can heat up your food and eat. Or At my dining hall if I ate there I had boiled eggs (took the yolks out of 3) or grilled chicken and just eyeballed the 3 ounces. I also lost 30 lb's in my first round using pellets. Hopefully you can find something more convenient for p2 .
  2. pandasarepeople's Avatar
    Thanks for the advice! I hope I can find something convenient, too. I am commuting, but my time schedule is so awkward at school that I can't really go back to my apartment on the other side of town. Luckily, my boyfriend and friend live near campus so I may just eat there. I could do that with the dining hall, I'm just worried about wanting to eat something else with all the other options out there (I'm terrible, I know). Are you going to do a second round?
  3. captncrunch's Avatar
    I deff understand about the dining hall being tempted, one day I was faced with all my faves (cheesecake, sausages, spinach alfredo pizza) and all I could do was sit there drooling over my plate of eggs and celery, ugh is was painful, lol. But I've got a goal in sight and the success I was seeing was way more satisfying that that cheesecake would have been. I have about 64 more to lose so I plan on cycling until I reach goal (115 lbs) which will hopefully be by september/october. I start my next round 5th of July.