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My HCG Journey by ParamedicMoo

The good, the bad, the ugly....i won't hold anything back so bear in mind while reading this that i may say or do things that don't adhere to something else you have been told to say or do or vice versa. This is MY journey, hence the title but i'm hoping for some encouragement, maybe do a little encouraging of my own, and feel out this thing together

  1. Is anybody out there? :) could use some encouragement!

    Hey everyone! Coming at you from beautiful Portland, OR. By the way, if anyone is from Portland, maybe we can schedule a meetup if we both seem to get along
    Anyways, so i've been reading things on this website for weeks in preparation for the diet and while I have been on it the last couple weeks. But had a sort of melt down this weekend and thought maybe i better register so that i could ask a few questions and get some encouragement.
    I started the HCG diet on May 13th (my load