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My Rotel Chicken Recipe

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I thought I would try this out:

Baking/Grilling Methods: Preheat oven to 400 degrees and if you have a George Foreman turn in on a well.

Serving Size: 6
Use 1 -10oz can of Rotel Tomatoes ( or whatever brand you can find,I used the Walmart brand)
*Pour into bowl and Season with garlic salt,parsley flakes and lemon pepper seasoning
*Use a package of any Chicken Filets: (for this recipe I used Pilgrims Pride) each filet equals about 50g. -make sure to weight if your not sure.

*Grill each chicken filet first (I didn't grill long)
*After all filets are grilled place in cassorole dish
*Pour the Rotel mix over the filets
*Bake for about 15-20 mins

When ready to serve I picked out 2 filets with Rotel on them.

2 filets will = about 100g

You could eat 2 filets at lunch and 2 filets at supper and repeat for 6 days.

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