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Paul Pierantozzi

so what happens

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if i don't consume the 200 calories a day what happens will it make me not lose the abnormal fat or what?

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  1. carebear's Avatar
    Im confused Paul. Are you only eating 200 calories? Its 500 calories per day made up of select protiens, vegetables, and fruits. And I think that it is beneficial to the diet for you to consume those calories.
  2. Paul Pierantozzi's Avatar
    Ya i meant 500 and its hard because i work all day and go to school so i don't have time to consume that much food untile night like for dinner
  3. carebear's Avatar
    I packed my food with me everyday...I don't know if that is an option for you but I think it helps. I always made my lunch for the next day when i made my dinner. Cook an extra chicken breast when you make dinner and cut up some veggies for the next day.

    Again, I don't know the effects if you don't eat all 500 calories but I assume it is written into the program for a reason.
  4. Kati's Avatar
    Paul, you are correct, if you eat less than the 500 calories per day your body will go into starvation mode and you will not burn abnormal fat.
  5. Paul Pierantozzi's Avatar
    ok thats what i thought thank you kati and ya i wanted to do that carebear lol but like i work for an irrigation company and am outside all day so it can just be somewhat hard but im going to start letting it sit in the truck and i guess heat it up that way in this texas heat haha